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Quaker Safety

quaker logoQuaker Safety has been manufacturing different types of protective clothing since 1946. However, the real roots of the company were established in 1986 when the company began to focus primarily on manufacturing garments for structural and proximity fire fighting. Substantial market research and development conducted over the years has provided Quaker Safety with insight into the requirements of the clothing from the wearer’s perspective. Quaker Safety’s design and manufacture of high quality turnout gear with a quick, reliable delivery schedule has become well known and remains unsurpassed in the fire service industry.

Since 1986, Quaker Safety has developed a network of leading distributors and exporters throughout North America. Quaker Safety believes that service through local distribution is the best way to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Quaker Safety’s local distributors are always available to measure, provide technical information, and to ensure that each set of protective clothing is customized to meet each firefighter’s specific needs.

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