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Bristol can confidentially claim to be a global leader in the specification, design and manufacturing of firefighter’s personal protective equipment (PPE). World class products and services are delivered through a network of 70 specialist distributors worldwide .

As the provider of choice for the Integrated Clothing Project (ICP), Bristol is the dominant supplier to the English Fire and Rescue authorities including the prestigious London Fire Brigade. Bristol also supplies many national and international petrochemical companies and airports.

Since the founding of the company in 1801, making gentlemen’s clothing in Bristol, we have developed into today’s leader in the field of firefighter’s protection. Taking a prominent role in the committees that draft and approve standards, Bristol can ensure that, not only are we up to date with the latest developments, but also play a part in ensuring that the standards remain relevant.

Bristol offers a complete managed service solution for cleaning, decontaminating, inspection, repair and tracking of firefighter’s equipment through Bristol Care. This service has also become widely available through audited partners in Europe and Scandinavia.

Success is rooted in a skilled and committed workforce most of whom have many years of service. The story does not end there, through constant innovation Bristol will continue to lead the way in protecting fire fighters throughout the world.

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